Slotspeech minister Jetten bij de CCEC op Aruba


Minister Jetten (Klimaat en Energie) hield een toespraak bij de 1e Caribbean Climate & Energy Conference (CCEC) op Aruba op 12 mei 2023. De toespraak is alleen in het Engels beschikbaar.

Verantwoordelijke Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
  • Klimaatverandering
  • Energie
Documentsoort Toespraak
Publicatiedatum 12-05-2023
Documentdatum 12-05-2023
Onderwerp Duurzame energie

Hello everybody,

We are already almost half way through the final day of the Caribbean Climate and Energy Conference. And what a fruitful couple of days it has been.

We intensified cooperation within the Kingdom, by signing agreements to roll out renewable and affordable energy on Aruba and
Sint Maarten and work towards our common goals by holding regular climate and energy consultations with the four countries within the Kingdom.

Secondly, we focused on important topics for Small Islands Developing States.

Such as a Just Energy Transition, building resilient ecosystems and creating the financial architecture to allow islands to get access to finance without having to go through endless bureaucratic procedures. 

And 1 thing became crystal clear. This can only work if the preconditions are in order, such as sufficient capacity and access to reliable data.

It is imperative that we cooperate on these issues. By pooling resources, creating regional – or even global – institutions and developing strategies that are tailor made to the needs of islands.

When I look back on this conference, I am optimistic that it can serve as a stepping stone towards more and closer cooperation on the important topic of climate change. Because, while most islands might not have a big carbon footprint. The challenges regarding affordability of energy, the protection of ecosystems and improving resilience are both great and urgent.

Therefore, like many of us said an holistic approach is needed. An approach that does justice to the knowledge that is already available in local communities An approach that not only addresses the challenges regarding climate change, but also improves the socioeconomic challenges on the islands. And an approach that not only focuses on renewable energy, but also on strengthening resilience and adopting sustainable practices.

And I invite you to work with us towards developing this tailor made approach for small islands. Let’s bring them to UN, EU, financial institutions and other relevant organizations. So that islands, that are already on the frontline of climate change finally get the climate justice they deserve.

I would like to thank you all for sharing your ideas and best practices with us. I have heard many concrete ideas to further the climate and energy agenda on small islands.

1 remark that was shared during the conference stuck with me in particular. Nature and culture are at the heart of every island. And I can say that based on my visits to the islands I can confirm this and have experienced that myself.

My response to that remark is: let’s add sustainability to that. So that over the coming years we can say: nature, culture and sustainability are at the heart of every island.

I am deeply motivated and committed to work together towards achieving this goal. So that we can preserve our beautifully islands. For our inhabitants, for our unique nature and for many more generations to come.

Thank you.