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Datum beschikbaar: afgelopen maandverwijder
Documentsoort: Toespraakverwijder
Thema: Scheepvaartverwijder
Thema: Rail- en wegverkeerverwijder
Thema: Verkeerverwijder
Organisatie: Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaatverwijder
  • Nieuw vandaag

    Speaking notes for the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Mark Harbers, at the opening of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC), 20 February 2024

    “Safe and seamless international transport enhances economic development, prosperity and wellbeing for billions of people around the world. The focus of the ITC may be on inland transport, but our efforts have a much wider impact. And now we have to live up to our reputation. We are here to take steps towards a future-proof inland transport system. One that takes account of climate-related challenges, energy security and road safety.” Dat zei minister Harbers bij de opening van de Inland Transport Committee in Geneve op 20 februari.